FB Ketten – Chains from experts

With more than 100 years of experience in
industrial application


Material Handling

Chains and attachment parts for industrial trucks, lift masts, special machinery and lever mechanism


Building materials industry

FB solutions for applications in producing and processing of cement, asphalt, concrete, bricks and soils as well as other bulk material sand solid matters



Customised standard and special solutions, made by FB

machine building

Process industry

FB develops and delivers high quality and cost-efficient solutions for applications in almost every sector and industry

Rollenkette DIN 8187 / DIN 8188 mit Mitnehmer


Machine optimisation and Retro-Fit with conveyor chains, driving chains, chain belts, scraper chains, lamella chains and spare parts by FB

waste recycling

Power generation

Optimised solutions by FB for brown and black coal conversions, waste incineration and processing, biomass and biogas plants

energy production

Woodworking industry

We are the specialist in wood industry, chipboard industry as well as production of paper and pulp

wood industry



Conveyor chains, roller chains, teethed chains, leaf chains, drop forget link chains



For conveyor chains, roller chains and drop forged link chains as well as special sprockets and gears. Also with hardened teeth or separate execution

Lamella chains

Lamella chains

For ash removal, waste and coal input, scrap transport, chalk or plaster bins and other applications. We deliver your customized lamella conveyer and take care of assembling and necessary inspection works

Spare parts and mechanical wear parts

Spare parts and mechanical wear parts

Chain guides, lamellas, rollers, technical plastics – by your specialist FB!

FB Chain Wear Gauge

FB Chain Wear Gauge

The FB Chain Wear Gauge (KML) is the only professional wearing measuring tool for leaf chains, lift chains and roller chains with an inch division from 3/8 to 3 inches



Formula 1 technology in chain conveyors! Extreme resistance, very high stability, weight savings up to 60%! Top references!

Industrial hatches

Industrial hatches

We offer a high range of industrial hatches systems for customized use that meet the latest technical and high quality standards.