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A strong partnership

AddTech is a quoted Swedish technology traiding group. It conists of 130 independent companies that offer high tech products and solutions.

Our clientele mainly consists of companies within the manufacturing and infrastructure industry in about 20 countries. Addtech creates conditions for the subsidiaries to optimise growth and profitability. In 2018/2019 the group reached a turnover of about 1 billion € and has around 2.700 employees.

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The main goal of every AddTech company is to receive the market leadership in their respective segment. The companies are connected by a unique group wide corporate culture that was built upon entrepeneurial spirit and high technical knowledge of our employers that always focuses on the customer’s technical and economical use and added value.
The focus of AddTech lies on the Nordic countries. Throughout the years markets outside these areas gained more importance. These companies are in Poland, Great Britain, Germany, Austria and China. Moreover, AddTech is distributing to 20 more countries.

AddTech’s customers consist mostly of companies from engineering, automotive, telecommunications, electrical industry as well as medical and research labs.
The focus of AddTech highly lies on a healthy business growth. This growth is made organic as well as targeted company acquisitions. Since the flotation in 2001 around 30 companies have been added to the group. AddTech is quoted to NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. The fiscal year is from 1st April to 31st March.

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