Optimal lubrication for your chain

"Who lubricates well, drives well"

... is a technical wisdom that is still very relevant today. Regular and consistent lubrication is better than irregular and excessive. Optimal lubrication prevents the drying out of chain joints and thus increases the chain's lifespan.

In the areas of pins, bushings, and rollers, known as chain joints, there must always be sufficient lubricant present to reduce wear at these crucial points. Additionally, lubricating chain joints also protects them from corrosion and reduces operational noise.

New Chains - Initial Preservation!

Chains are not always installed immediately upon receipt. Often, they are stored until the chain replacement. Moisture, dust, and other environmental influences that can have a negative impact on the chain's lifespan can accumulate during this time. For this reason, FB Chains uses an initial preservation suitable for each chain type, which penetrates into all chain joints. This serves corrosion protection while also possessing good lubrication properties. Upon customer request, we can provide our chains with special lubricants to ensure an optimal combination between chain and lubricant.

In the area of special lubricants, we can supply food-grade lubricants, lubricants for lower or higher temperatures, as well as wear-reducing lubricants, depending on the application area and customer preferences

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