Optimal chain design

Finding the right chain

Finding the right chain depends on 6 factors:

  1. Fatigue strength | Load limit (N, kN, % of Breaking load)
  2. Wear resistance | Chain elongation
  3. Breaking strength | Breaking load(5-10 times safety margin)
  4. Operating conditions
  5. Maintenance
  6. Chain lubrication


Fatigue strength more important than breaking load

Higher breaking load do not necessarily indicate higher fatigue strength or wear resistance.

Through the tempering of pins and plates, these components can lose their elasticity and toughness, thereby weakening the chain..

FB Chains has improved the interplay between higher breaking forces and wear and fatigue strength, able to present both higher breaking forces and significantly increased chain longevity.

Maintenance and chain lubrication are determined by plant- and environment-specific factors, as well as other operating conditions.

The customer directly benefits from, on average, longer lifespans with our FB roller, flyer, and conveyor chains.


Our Proposal

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