FB chain wearing gauge

The FB chain wearing gauge (KML) is the only professional wearing measuring tool for leaf chains, lift chains and roller chains with an inch division from 3/8 to 3 inches.

The KML is the most exact and suitable tool for measuring chain wearing and is often used during checks of lifting gears according to LOLER and PUWER settlements. If you check on lifting gears you should have this wearing gauge in your tool box!


KML allows you to check on your chain wearing on every maintenance easy and precisely so you can take the necessary actions: KML shows how strong a chain is worn. It measures the wearing grade in ¼ steps, starting from 0% until 4%, and it shows a red warning screen at 2%.

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Many other wearing gauges only show if a chain is worn or not. However, with KML it’s easy to see if a lifting gear could be a safety risk at the next maintenance. The distribution of this wearing gauge to all of your engineers also guarantees a high level of accordance in your whole maintenance service.

Wearing gauges keep fork lifts safe. Even if the majority of lift accidents happen due to human failures, maintenance and repair of fork lifts also have a big influence in creating a safe work space.

KML is the most used tool of its kind in Great Britain and has been sold in over 40 countries since its launch. In Germany FB Ketten is also selling this brilliant measuring tool very successfully.



Die FB Kettenverschleißlehre ermöglicht Ihnen den Kettenverschleiß bei jeder Wartung zu überprüfen und die erforderlichen Maßnahmen zu ergreifen.
Die FB Kettenverschleißlehre zeigt Ihnen, wie stark eine Kette abgenutzt ist. Sie misst den Grad des Verschleißes in ¼ Prozent Schritten von 0% bis 4% und zeigt ein rotes Warnfenster bei 2%.
Viele andere Kettenverschleißlehren zeigen nur an, ob eine Kette verschlissen oder nicht verschlissen ist.
Die FB Kettenverschleißlehre hilft Ihnen zu erkennen, bei welchen Ketten die Verschleißgrenze vor der nächsten Wartung erreicht sein könnte.
Die FB Kettenverschleißlehre gewährleistet Übereinstimmung in Ihrem gesamten Wartungsdienst.
Für alle Teilungen von 3/8 bis 3 Zoll.