Our FB roller chains

DIN ISO606: 2018-02 (old DIN 8187 / DIN8188)

As a leading brand for roller chains FB stands for quality, reliability and durability.

FB roller chains (DIN 8187 and 8188) are produced with high quality steel along with the latest production processes. This combination allows us to produce a first class roller chain that shows the following features: high tear strength, 30% less lengthening and 40% higher operating time compared to standard roller chains.

FB roller chains (DIN8187/DIN 8188 are being stretched dynamically by 30% of its breaking force. With this the best fit of all components with each other is guaranteed.

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The pins are made of CrMo steel-pipes. They’re being case hardened, grind and mirror polished. With this the wear susceptibility is being highly reduced and the durability is raised. The careful surface treatment improves the breaking load and resistance of the chain against impact loading.

The bushes are made of C-steel-pipes and are being casehardened afterwards. FB roller chains according to DIN 8187/ 8188 higher than 1“ have closed bushes. They are being grind after heat treatment to guarantee a perfect contact surface with other joint parts. Therefore, the contact surface with the pin and the roller is extended and the area pressure reduces. This is a condition for a maximum durability of the roller on high chain speeds and guarantees a strong pressure fit of the bushes within the inner plate. At division 1” the inner diameter of the bushes will be additionally shot calibrated.

Rollers are made of seamless C-steel-pipes, then will be hardened, deburred and shot blasted.

We produce the plates with hardened/annealed C-steel. The drills are double punched to receive a perfect cylindrical punch image. This is necessary to get the best pressure fit of the joint parts within the plate drills. Afterwards the plates will be shot blasted that results in a lower strain and clean surface and counteracts an early weariness.

simplex / duplex / triplex Rollenkette DIN 8187 / DIN 8188

Wide range of roller chains

We cover the whole range of DIN 8187 and 8188. Our extensive storage allows short reaction and delivery times as well as a high flexibility.

Adapted for your requirements

We deliver roller chains with assembling parts, lengthened pins, special measurements and custom-made designs. We also offer special coating.