Our FB leaf chains

Highest quality for safety-relevant applications

Quality leaf chains directly from specialists: Effective – efficient – profitable.

Leaf chains, anchor bolts and pulleys are safety relevant and sensitive components in industrial trucks, forklifts and lift trucks.

FB delivers these first class quality items with the latest production technology for the highest requirements and helps you to guarantee the work safety of your forklift.

We produce leaf chains according to international standards ISO 4347, DIN8152, ANSI B29.8 &NFE26107 (type BL-LH); ANSI B29.8 (type AL); and ISO4347, DIN8152 & NFE26107 (type EL-LL)

Of course, we also produce these chains according to your wishes.

Due to the following processes and features we usually receive a more than 30% higher breaking load than required by DIN. This is the reason FB leaf chains are highly resilient and have a remarkable high durability.

We receive this FB quality via:

• Experience in the last decades
• Fully automated production
• Production monitoring and quality checks
• Coordinated special materials
• Ideal heat treatment
• Bullet blasted components
• Fine blanking of the chain plates
• Stretching to 35% of the breaking strength
• Batch traceability
• Certificated and independent tests

FB-Flyerketten inkl. Kettenhalter und Ankerbolzen

We deliver already cut and pre-finished leaf chains – ex stock.

With reliable parcel services and forwarders, you receive your spare parts on time.

Moreover, we create in fair corporation with you the best solution for your ideal chain construction. Integrated and sustainable for your economical processes.

To deliver the highest quality of coordinated components we work on an overall solution of our chain components along with our customers and deliver the goods “Just-in-time” and pre-finished to your production line.

As requested we also deliver on reels, palettes or with your required packing units.

Consultation included!

Do you have questions or wishes? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Further information on leaf chains can be found on our microsite www.staplerketten.de