Our FB conveyor chains

(DIN 8165, 8167, SMS1689)

FB Ketten belongs to the leading European manufacturer and distributor of conveyor and special chains. We are specialists in that field.

We produce conveyor chains according to DIN 8165, 8167, SMS1689 as well as special measurements. The latest processes in production along with the use of high quality original Scandinavian material guarantees a constant highest standard quality.

With FB special materials FB1000, BM311 and SB27 we set standards in persistence, resistance and safety.

Conveyor chains with attachment

Welded conveyor chains

FB is the leading manufacturer for welded conveyor chains. On 6 processing lines high-quality conveyor chains with welded pins and connectors are being produced.

The optimal material selection combined with fully automated production processes guarantees a constant high-quality standard.

The results speak for itself:

• Raise of breaking load by 30%
• Significant raise of work safety
• New standards for safety and efficiency

Pre-finished conveyor chains with spare parts

As an alternative we offer to deliver our chains pre-finished with towing arm elements, plastic or welded parts. With our CNC based robot-weld-lines we produce exact welding for highest loads.