Optimized chain durability

Extended chain durability

Wear resistance and fatigue strength are the key indicators for the durability of chains, sprockets, guide rails, and attachments. If you want to extend the durability, you need to optimize individual factors.

The more factors are optimized and the higher the chain quality is, the longer the chain will operate and the higher the plant profitability.


What can be optimized?

  • Professional and correct chain installation
  • Always replace a new chain together with new sprockets.

New chains adapt to used sprockets, thus conforming to the replaced chain.

  • Chain lubrication

Optimal chain lubrication can increase durability by up to 50 times. There are some differences to be noted.

  • Skillful and regular inspection
  • Set the optimal chain tension
  • Address disruptive factors

Sprocket contamination, loose chain guides, foreign material

  • Maintain the recommended system design

15% higher speed = -50% chain durability.


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